JOEY ASHER TAN (AIYS ’12) – Youth Pastor, Singapore

Besides the massive amount of learning I’ve done (70+ sessions!) in those 10 days, it was truly wonderful to get connected and worship with the wider body of youth workers in the Asia Pacific region — many of whom I’m still in contact with! It was great to glean from excellent teachers of the Word, experienced youth ministers and passionate missions-minded leaders, and I’ve gone on to apply much of what I’ve picked up in my own youth ministry in Singapore. Here’s my emphatic endorsement of AIYS — I’ve enjoyed it so much in 2012 that I’m bringing myself and my entire staff team along this May 2015!

MALIWAN DITJAROEN (AIYS ’12) – National Youth Director’s Wife, Thailand AoG

Through AIYS 2012: God recalled me to youth ministry again to help and support the young generation. Now my husband (Dong) serves as Thailand AoG Youth Director. We get opportunities to travel throughout Thailand to meet the youth and youth leaders and are believing to see a great impact for God through their lives in Thailand.

MUNHKBBAYAR BATSUREN (AIYS ’09) – National Youth Director, Mongolia AoG

In 2009 I participated AIYS with 3 more friends from Mongolia. The preachings and teachings comfirmed me the call to youth ministry. Since then I coordinated Transformed Generation Youth Conference among many church 4 times. AIYS gave me fire and courage to stand for coming generation whatever it takes. Thank you for everyone who organized and supports this training. Pastor Chudruu

PATRICK TAN (AIYS ’04) – National Chi Alpha Director, Philippine AoG

I entered seminary after responding to God’s call on my life at the Asian Institute of Youth Studies (2004). AIYS ’04 was a pivotal event in my life. This was where I received my calling. (I have been) equipped … to do what God has called me to do: to serve the next generation and to impact the nations for God. Through your support, encouragement and prayers you made this possible. Thank you for investing your life in me!

GATUT BUDIYONO (AIYS ’00/’04) – General Treasurer Indonesia AoG, Former National Youth Director Indonesia

“AIYS has meant much to the youth ministry of Indonesia! God has used it to provide us knowledge, passion, and skills in reaching this generation. Each time (the national youth committee) has attended, we have returned home more confident and united in purpose in accomplishing the work.”

TERESA KO (AIYS ’00/’04) – Youth Pastor, OneHope Taiwan National Director

“I came to AIYS 2000 planning to resign from youth ministry. Instead, God used AIYS to restore His call on my life. Three words stand out to me form AIYS – passion, vision, and strategy. The second time I attended I brought someone with me. She and her husband have joined me in youth ministry. I plan to bring more to AIYS 2009!”

VICTOR GONZALES (AIYS ’00) – Pastor, Australia

AIYS affirmed my calling to youth ministry. The teaching of seasoned youth ministers from across the region caused my ministry to be fueled not only with zeal, but relevant wisdom for real-life application. It opened the door of regional networking far greater than I could have imagined.

As part of AIYS batch 2000 (which is not too long ago!) I got an opportunity to be empowered by seasoned youth ministers and movement leaders. A great icing on the cake was the great friendship that had started and is still going on with different friends from all over Asia Pacific. As I look back 14 years ago such experience was vital in bringing me to where I am now, ministering to many nations across the globe! Keep up the great work you’re doing! You’ve literally impacted millions through the many leaders like me that were trained under this ministry! Love from the Land Down Under!

AGUS DERMAWAN (AIYS ’00) – National Youth Director, Indonesia AoG

AIYS has impacted my life & ministry in three ways:

  1. The teachings and worship experiences had been stimulating me to grow a burden to serve and reach the next generation, especially the next generation in my country, Indonesia.
  2. The friendship among participants and instructors who came from various countries has enlarged my networking which is needed for helping each other.
  3. The learning process and its spiritual dynamic had refreshed and re-affirmed my vision. I believe God has been using AIYS to raise up (youth) leaders, cast His vision and equip His people in South East Asia and beyond.

I have been blessed, thank you for believing in us.

JOSES CALUSAY (AIYS ’12) – Youth Pastor, Philippines AoG

The fellowship of the believers in AIYS is a foretaste of what it is like in heaven … where every tongue, every nation, and every tribe will know that Jesus is Lord – that kind of perspective, that global feel, enlarged my vision and strengthened my reserve as a minister of my generation. For a short time, I was able to connect, learn from, and build relationships with teachers from different youth ministry backgrounds that gave me a framework on how to build my own system that is relative to my locality, without being outdated at the same time. I also was affirmed on how the Spirit is speaking to the nations with one voice, and how blessed it is to be part of the universal church. To name some specifics: prayerwalking and warfare, storying, the media ministry, and deliberate creative ministry are part of what we do in the whole experience of ministering to the youth in the Philippines … Thank you AIYS.

BRIAN LOPEZ (AIYS ’12) – Youth Pastor, Philippines AoG

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today had I not been trained and taught by great ministers of the Lord. AIYS was my training ground. I needed foundations and also an edge to serve … I was so hungry to learn so I can serve my community better … and I got what I exactly needed – in AIYS and much more. I am already an alumni but I can’t wait to join AIYS again – to relearn my basics, to learn new stuff and be up to date, and learn new things.

WILLIAM BOLABIU (AIYS ’12) – Youth Pastor, Fiji AoG

I’m forever grateful. AIYS is truly a divine set up, touching the hearts and minds of Youth Leaders. Thank you AIYS!

ALVIN TUD (AIYS ’96) – Pastor, Philippines AoG

At AIYS 1996 (Batch 1) God confirmed my calling as a minister. I learned the need for the Holy Spirit in life and work, the priority of evangelism, discipleship and missions, and the challenge to always reach the next generation. My journey as a youth pastor, now as a church pastor (with my wife, also Batch 1) has always been a great journey! Thanks AIYS!

MICAH LEE (AIYS ’12) – Youth Worker, Thailand

AIYS helped me realize that I DIDN’T know everything and that I need to continually learn.