Report on Asian Institute of Youth Studies (AIYS) 2012

Report on Asian Institute of Youth Studies (AIYS) 2012

(May 15-25, 2012 @ APTS)

By Ty and Cina Silva

Over the years we’ve seen AIYS (Asian Institute of Youth Studies) serve as a catalyst for ongoing networking between youth departments. This year we saw an increase in this and plans are already in the works for sending and receiving student mission teams between the nations. Taiwan will be sending out its 7th mission team in as many years in August 2012 to the Philippines. They are also working with us on a project to reach remote Chinese villages in northern Thailand.

Social networking has made this year’s training an ongoing event: One delegate from Indonesia wrote last week: “Every time I open FB, the 1st thing I want to see is the AIYS 2012 group page.” Daily delegates are posting prayer requests on the AIYS 2012 FB page and sharing reports of how they are applying what they learned at AIYS to the youth and campus ministry in their nations.

Training and practice in campus prayerwalking is always an important part of AIYS. Already, less than a month after AIYS, the application of this training has resulted in students being saved and new campus ministries being birthed through prayerwalking. One delegate returned home to train her student leaders in prayerwalking and in one day they not only covered the university in prayer, but they had lead 15 students to the Lord!

Several of the delegates have been invited to speak in the churches since AIYS to cast vision for reaching the students in their cities and nations. One delegate reported that his congregation was so moved by what he shared that several adults, including the church board joined him as he lead students on a campus prayerwalk the next day.

The Fiji delegation felt God was saying that now was the time to begin doing XA ministry in their nation. One of the brothers on the national youth committee called home and had a coworker begin announcing an organizational meeting on the radio for June 8. Several churches have since met to gear up for planting campus ministry this school year at the University of the South Pacific in Suva.

Beyond the classroom instruction and the relationships that are forged, the greatest impact of AIYS is the deep work of the Holy Spirit in clarifying vision and empowering workers for Pentecostal ministry to this generation.

We are very encouraged by what we see in this generation of youth and campus ministry leaders across the region – their hunger for God, their sacrificial spirit and their love for the lost. And as we have seen over the years, many of these youth leaders will soon move into other areas of leadership in their general councils.

Because you stood … and knelt … with us, AIYS 2012 was much more than only an event. Instead it is having an ongoing impact to reach youth throughout Asia Pacific. May God bless you abundantly!

We strongly believe that no matter where we are located or what area of ministry the Lord has us in, it really is always about the next generation. Psalm 78:7 declares this clearly: “…that each generation might set its hope on God.”

AIYS (Asian Institute of Youth Studies) – Training opportunity for Pentecostal youth/Campus ministry for national youth directors, their national leadership teams and missionaries. AIYS is conducted in partnership with the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) summer seminar program. AIYS began in 1996 and is now held at APTS every 3 years. Next AIYS: May 2015.


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